LJ Turquoise Heart Earrings

These turquoise heart stud earrings are bezel set in 14k yellowgold.  Great ear candy!  Each turquoise heart is special and unique in its own way; not one heart is the same.

Our Turquoise Collection features genuine, natural turquoise gemstone handcrafted to perfection. From bracelets and charms to earrings, rings, and necklaces, our turquoise jewelry is framed and accented with fine 14k gold chains and bezel sets. Raw and sophisticated, our turquoise jewelry adds a modern and exclusive touch to any jewelry collection.  

As a sought-after stone admired and worn throughout the world for centuries, turquoise is much rarer than people think. This mystical, sky-blue colored gem is also believed to bring luck, wealth, love, and happiness. Turquoise is the also the birthstone for the month of December and associates with the fifth and eleventh wedding anniversary gifts.

Note:  Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.